Stunning Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Hi Friends! I have gotten so much great feedback about my master bedroom. That I’ve decided to make it a regular feature on the blog. Today I’m sharing the Most Beautiful Master Bedroom and have included everything from farmhouse to traditional and modern to bohemian. Have a look and leave me a comment telling me which is your favorite!

1. Farmhouse Charm


Even in a room with a rustic barn door and a farmhouse vibe, this chandelier works! I especially love the dramatic white beams on the ceiling in this charming bedroom!

2. Transitional Chic


I’m not sure what I love most about this bedroom; the gorgeous bed, the wood beams or the yummy carpet. In combination they create a transitional and warm room that still feels very chic and fresh.

3. Bohemian Blues


I am super attracted to the decor and styling of this bohemian bedroom. The bright patterned rug and mud cloth pillows add such a great pop of color to what would otherwise be a very neutral room.

4. Modern Industrial


What could be better than an entire wall of used brick?! This industrial bedroom space makes me think of the years I lived in New York in ultra cool loft apartments. The exposed ducts and black windows are the perfect compliment to this modern, industrial space.

5. Bright Whites


In my world of kids and dogs, an all white bedroom would never make sense, but I sure do love to imagine what it would be like to have a master bedroom like this! The pretty gray walls are just the right contrast to the white bedding, draperies and furniture, and that wall of windows is just stunning!

6. Minimalist Chic


This bedroom epitomizes my ideal modern-minimalist style. Cement, mixed with reclaimed wood and warm linen tones create such a beautiful balance of color and textures. I would be very content to wake up in this clean, beautiful bedroom.

7. Cozy Transitional


This is transitional done right! I love the soft color palette and simple linen bed mixed with the bright white walls. The addition of the modern gold light fixture gives this room a fresh, updated look without sacrificing the cozy feel. Perfect!

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