Living Room Ideas With Beautiful Carpet

If you are not brave, you can choose a patterned floor that matches the color of the walls and sofa. However, if you’re afraid of going overboard, opt for subtle matches and stick to color-based decor for your furniture, including sofas, pillows, and decor. The living room shown in the image contains a striped rug complemented by a sofa, cushions and matching decor. Carpet Ideas For Living Room If you want to put a stunning accent in your living room, choose a brightly colored rug. Only the bravest among us should try on such a look.

Living room color carpet

There are many colors to consider when choosing a carpet for your living room. You can choose a carpet that matches your sofa color or the color of your walls. However, be careful to choose a carpet that complements the colors of your wall paintings, as dark carpets may make the room appear even darker. It is best to bring swatches from the store home and test them for a few days to make sure you like the color.

If you have a busy household, you’ll want to avoid a white carpet. It will show dirt and soiling more than other colors. If you’re constantly cleaning and entertaining guests, choose a lighter or mid-toned color. Darker tones can hide stains better, but they also show more dust and lint. For a room with high traffic, try a neutral color.

Beige and brown are similar in hue. Beige is often associated with a lighter shade of brown. However, you must pay close attention to texture when choosing this color combination. Matching two similar colors will make the room look dull and unattractive. To make sure your carpet complements your walls, choose an eye-catching shade and flaunt it creatively. Mint green is a fun and fresh way to add a pop of color to your living room. Brown and mint green work well with each other, so they’re good choices for this color combination.


If you have a neutral-colored living room, a bright or richly colored rug can bring life to your space. Alternatively, a light, the neutral color would be the perfect choice for a living room with a bolder accent color. Choosing the right color depends on your taste and how much traffic you expect to have in the room. Consider your living room’s size and decor before deciding on a carpet.

Since a living room is a high-traffic area, durability is important. Many types of durable carpets balance durability and comfort and can hold up to constant use. Look for carpets with “family-friendly” or “pet-friendly” labels to ensure their durability. These types of carpets are durable enough to withstand a lot of foot traffic, while still maintaining their style. They are also more affordable than other options.

While plush carpets show footprints, textured plush carpets help hide them. A textured plush is the most decorative and helps hide footprints. It is also a great choice for the whole house. Other styles of carpet for living rooms include Saxony, frieze, and cable. The latter two have curly textures that hide footprints. And if you have a narrow living room, stripes can also help you create an illusion of extra floor space.

Placement carpet

Rugs can act as a living room wall and help you to unify the space. Rugs should be large enough to accommodate your furniture and let light flow through them. When placing rugs in your carpet living room, make sure they are centered with equal amounts of floor space under their edges. Here are some placement ideas.

Neutral-colored rugs can create a soothing effect and balance out your patterned furniture. Choose carpets with a subtle weave or low pile, which mimics wicker. These carpets are easier to clean than other materials. You should pair these carpets with similar-colored curtains so that the carpet color and pattern can show through. Using the right color combinations can add character to your living room.

Rug size is another important factor when it comes to placement. Choose a rug that is large enough to anchor the room while also being small enough to fit in. A tiny rug in a spacious room will look out of place, while a large one will give a room a more spacious look. The more space the rug covers, the better. If you’re not sure about the placement, you can always place a runner rug along the edge of the couch.