Creative Gallery Wall Ideas to Fill Blank Walls

There’s something about a perfectly curated gallery wall that just makes a space feel complete. Not only does a well-laid display of prints and photos allow you to hang your most prized possessions in your daily line of sight, but it also makes for an incredible backdrop to almost any design style there is.

Whether you’re thinking of a uniform grid of monochrome photographs or an eclectic curation that turns your bare walls into your own life-size scrapbook, here are of our favorite gallery walls to help you decide. And while it may have felt like a passing trend at one point, the interior-design darling of Instagram is clearly here to stay.

1. Think Outside the Frame


Mix things up on your gallery wall and incorporate items other than frames for added visual interest and texture. We love how this setup includes a tambourine and dream catcher.

2. Keep It Minimal


We can appreciate a floor-to-ceiling gallery wall as much as the next interior enthusiast. However, sometimes less really is more. A few medium-sized frames in a smaller space is all you need to achieve an Insta-worthy look.

3. Play With Orientation


Don’t be afraid to play with the orientations of your frames—mixing landscape and portrait images further elevate the final look of your gallery wall composition.

4. Make It Colorful


If you’ve indulged in colorful décor throughout your room design, why stop now? Incorporate bold hues in your gallery wall via graphic art and neon frames.

5. Work With Black and White


Exclusively selecting images in black and white is a super classic approach to the trendy gallery wall. Regardless of the photos you select, the achromatic color palette will tie them all together, making the space feel modern. 

6. Map It Out


If you’re still unsure of what to frame, maps add a sophisticated touch to any décor style. They say you’re worldly and well-traveled. For vintage-looking maps, scour flea markets, second-hand shops, antique stores, and swap meets, then display them in modern frames. You’ll be sure to love the addition to your space for years to come. 

7. Keep It Uniform

When in doubt, invest in a set of frames that come in the same sizes and colors. Fill them with your favorite photos and hand them on a blank wall. The uniform look will feel expensive and polished, no matter how novice you are at gallery walls.

8. Stick to a Style

If you’re known to have a type a clear obsession with a distinct design style lean into it and display it from floor to ceiling for a look that commands the attention of the room. This living room makes a serious statement with achromatic graphics and clean lines.