Tips to Craft a Truly Perfect Home Office

Designing a home office is no easy task. Because if you get something wrong, you don’t just see it, but you feel it every weekday. A great home office is comfortable enough to spend all day in, minimal enough to keep you focused, and ideally, interesting enough to get your creative juices flowing.

Start by finding a spot to work. Doesn’t need to be a separate room. you can do a lot with an unused closet. Then, start piecing together your space. And if you need inspiration, look no further. We’ve rounded up truly stunning home offices.

Warm Up Your Space With Art

Decor can certainly get distracting but emptiness can, too, so don’t forgo art entirely. Look for pieces with subtle palettes and simple imagery. A few prints could be all you need to fill your space without pulling focus away from your work.

Give Yourself Room to Move Around

The last thing anyone wants is a home office that feels crowded or cramped. So consider traffic flow as you craft your layout. It’s really important to think about your flow and your potential pain points.

If you like to move around while you work, give yourself space to do so. And at least leave yourself enough room to get into and out of your home office with ease.

Make the Most of Your Corners

Corners are an underrated asset in any home office. Why? You can use them to create a sprawling L-shape desk, giving yourself even more space to work and move around. This is particularly helpful if you’re sharing your home office, but since more workspace is just about always a good thing, it should also be great if you’re flying solo.

Put Your Desk in the Middle of the Room

Placing your desk against the wall is a common and often, sensible choice. If space is limited and you’re working by yourself, there’s no need to place it anywhere else. But placing your desk toward the center of the room can look just as great.

“Oftentimes, the desk can be centered in the room and facing the door,” Moyer says. She notes that this layout can be particularly useful if you’re often hosting clients, coworkers, and other guests.

When in Doubt, Declutter

If your home office is in need of a tune-up, take a moment to declutter. “Take inventory. What do you have in the space that is not being used regularly?” Kramer says. “Remove those items or find smart storage solutions to move them out of sight.” 

Switching up your storage set-up may be all you need to freshen up your space. And who knows? It could even help you focus. “A cluttered workspace impedes production,” Kramer says.

Play With Texture

When designing a home office, you’re usually optimizing for focus. This often means keeping distractions and subsequently, color to a minimum. But a subdued palette doesn’t have to mean a boring space. By switching up your textures say, by pairing a cozy rug with a sleek desk and a woven chair you can keep the room feeling dynamic, but not distracting.

Tilt Your Desk

Positioning your desk straight either in the middle of the room or against the wall is an easy choice. But it isn’t your only option. Depending on your needs, it may make sense to tilt your desk. By doing so, you can free up space for two chairs in a smaller home office. Or you can take up more space in a home office that feels too big.

Add Pops of Coziness Where You Can

Your future self will thank you for anything you can do to make your home office feel more welcoming. A fluffy rug can keep your feet cozy as you furiously type up a report. And a plush chair can keep you cushioned and comfortable as you tackle your next spreadsheet. These little additions may seem unnecessary. But anything that keeps you motivated and focused is probably worth the investment.

Sprinkle in Personal Touches

Remember that your home office is yours, so add pops of personality where you can. “Your office is a space where you can express things about yourself and bring in personal touches,” Kramer says. “We often find offices are a good opportunity to highlight things you love, like art, fashion, cars, etc.”

Ultimately, you want your home office to be a space where you feel good spending time. And if a sweet photograph or a few objets d’art will get you closer to that feeling, they’re worth it.