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Farmhouse Living Rooms That Will Make You Feel Cozy

While the farmhouses of old often featured low ceilings and cramped rooms, today's farmhouse-inspired living rooms are built for 21st century lifestyles. A cozy, livable mix of past and present, modern farmhouse living rooms often feature white walls, vaulted ceilings, copious windows, decorative ceiling beams, shiplap walls, barn doors, vintage-style lighting, and neutral palettes. With a focus on natural materials like wood, metal, as well as stone.

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Secrets to Choosing Yellow Living Room Curtains

Choosing Yellow Living Room Curtains adds a different and stylish look to your living room, you’ll need to consider the shade of green you use. Green has a yellow hue, so it will blend seamlessly with a yellow wall, and will also spread a fresh natural vibe. A dark green shade is also a good choice for curtains that pair well with yellow walls.

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Creative Ways Wallpaper Ideas For Living Rooms

Creative ways wallpaper ideas for living rooms when choosing wallpaper for your living room. There are several considerations you must make before making your final decision. These factors include Pattern, Print, Color, and Accent wall. Keep in mind that the wallpaper will add to the overall look and feel of the room, not take away from it.

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