Example of Add Storage to Your Living Room

If you’re anything like us, storage your living room has become the workhorse space in your home. From taking work calls to homeschooling, binging TV shows and having family game nights, this space is the hub of the home now, more than ever before. But with that can come a lot of clutter and disorganization. And none of us need that kind of added stress in our lives!

If you want to hit the refresh button on your home and dive into some much-needed cleaning and organization projects, then we’re here to help. And we’re not even talking about a full KonMari purge unless that’s what you want to do! Simply adding more storage solutions to your living room can be a great way to get this multipurpose space organized and decluttered.

Whether you have a small space or an open floor plan or even something in between there are plenty of ways to organize with clever living room storage furniture in all kinds of styles and color schemes. With a few smart solutions, you can make sure your living room always feels tidy, airy, and light.

1. Storage Coffee Table

Let’s face it we all somehow end up with a lot of stuff. And while a lot of it might be things you use daily, that doesn’t always mean you want to keep it on display. That’s why one of our favorite living room storage ideas is rethinking your coffee table. The right coffee table can be the perfect piece of living room furniture for extra living room storage space! Instead of choosing one just for surface area, consider a storage option that opens up to reveal space for all your stuff! Coffee tables with drawers and lift-top coffee tables also make excellent storage options.

Why We Love It

There are so many different styles of storage coffee tables. So, no matter your style, you can find a coffee table that offers storage space inside and looks great on the outside. With a storage coffee table, you can tuck away odds and ends that don’t display well when not in use like coasters, remotes, celebrity gossip magazines and other items that you don’t want overtaking the surface space.

2. Credenza

A credenza is one of the most traditional dining room staples. They are often used to serve food and display serveware, but they can also be used as a handy living room storage piece! They also offer ample surface space to display decorative items that show off your style. Also known as a sideboard or buffet, no matter whether you call it, it’s an awesome way to bulk up your storage potential in any room.

Why We Love It

Because they come in so many different styles, you can usually find a place for one in any living room, whether it’s against a wall, as a stand for your television, or set against the backside of the sofa. Credenzas have so many uses, making them pieces with some major staying power!

3. Media Console

A close cousin of the credenza? Media consoles. These storage pieces are, of course, to house media items like your TV, gaming systems, and more. But they can also be used exclusively for storage as well! They’re great to display sculptural art, decorative objects, and books. Unlike credenzas and buffets, media consoles tend to be lower to the ground, so they’re also great for storing children’s books and toys!

Why We Love It

Since media consoles are designed for housing technology, they have cutouts for cords. So, even if you aren’t using it for your TV, you can hide lamp or record player cords as well! And they’re versatile pieces of furniture. If you’ve decided to mount your TV on the wall so no longer need your media cabinet for your television, you can use it anywhere you’d use a credenza or buffet! So, don’t be afraid to move it elsewhere in your living room or throughout your house!

4. Console Table

Adding a console behind your sofa is a great way to get a little more storage in a low-profile piece of living room furniture. Console tables are great for displaying sculptures, table lamps, or framed art or photos. But, by opting for a style with additional shelving beneath, they can also store or display larger objects or be a surface for tucking organizational baskets.

Why We Love It

Console tables are one of those furniture pieces that will work for you for years to come, even if you move or rearrange. While we love them behind a sofa, they can also be used in an entryway, a wide hallway, a dining room, or home office. With their slim profiles, they’re super versatile pieces of furniture that will work for you wherever you need an extra bit of storage and surface space.

5. Side Tables With Drawers

Most living rooms benefit from side tables placed at the end of your sofa or next to your armchairs. But don’t think of them as just a place to set your drink! If you’re in need of extra living room storage furniture, try an option with drawers instead of using delicate side tables with only a bit of surface space. This way your side table can do double-duty as living room storage! There are a lot of small items—like remote controls, coasters, pens/pencils, notepads, glasses—that you might want easy access to in your living room, but don’t want to busy up the space.

Why We Love It

With a storage-infused side table, you can easily tuck these items away in the drawers for additional living room storage organization. That way you can save the surface area for lamps, photos or other objects you’d prefer to display.

6. Storage Ottomans

Similar to storage coffee tables, storage ottomans are a great way to incorporate some hidden storage into your living room! In fact, a storage ottoman also makes for a great coffee table alternative. But you can also use them next to your sofa or an accent chair, giving you a surface to kick up your feet while also tucking away extra blankets.

Why We Love It

We love storage options that serve another purpose which is why we love storage ottomans. They’re versatile ottomans first and foremost; but ottomans with hidden storage helps keep clutter tucked away but easily accessible. And a storage ottoman like the woven number pictured in the design above? The perfect way to also add some natural texture to your space.

7. Baskets

Baskets are one of our favorite living room storage ideas, especially for kid-friendly spaces! If you have a full house, you know that you need plenty of places to stash the clutter. It’s totally possible to have kids and a clean home, and having some smart and sneaky storage solutions on your side certainly helps! They make an awesome place to corral kids’ stuff like toys, books, and art supplies pet accessories, or even regular old clutter! Baskets can hide it all. Baskets with lids are even better if you’re truly looking to hide clutter!

Why We Love It

When it comes to basket storage, you can choose from a variety of sizes, shapes, and styles. And they can go just about anywhere! They can fit onto open spaces on bookshelves or built-in shelving, under coffee tables and side tables, or with larger baskets basically anywhere within your living room. We love that you can disperse baskets throughout your space as easy catchalls for toys, magazines, books, pet toys, blankets. Anything that could easily wind up on the floor should have a designated basket that goes with the flow and design of your space and gives everything a place.

8. Trunks

A trunk is another great way to incorporate some extra hidden storage in your living room in a stylish and antique-inspired way. You can tuck a trunk in the corner, against a wall, or even use it as your coffee table! Wherever you place it, it’s the perfect place to store board games, stash throw blankets, or tuck away other common living room necessities that you don’t need out at all times.

Why We Love It

Whether it’s an actual antique or just a rustic, vintage-inspired design, trunks offer ample storage with tons of style. Statement piece and storage? We’ll take it.

9. Storage Bench

A storage bench combines all the things you need: hidden storage, extra seating, and a display space, all in one piece of furniture! It is one of the most functional and practical ways to declutter a home and keep a space organized. Benches with hidden storage can help make your space look neat and stylish and also provide some extra seating. Use them to stash bulkier items out of sight, like blankets, seasonal decor, and more of that “stuff” that always seems to pile up!

Why We Love It

We love the simplicity and versatility of storage benches. All you have to do is choose a bench that fits your space and style! (If that feels daunting, online interior design can help!) You can find wooden options, ones with cubbies, or upholstered options.

10. Cabinets

If you’re tight on space in your living room, you don’t want to add more bulky furniture that will clutter it up even further. Instead, a great solution is to look for options like a cabinet that have a small footprint yet still offer plenty of interior storage space.

Why We Love It

With a living room storage cabinet, you can keep blankets, books, games and toys neatly organized and out of the way. These also make a great choice for alcoves and corners that might otherwise go unused. You could also go for a decorative cabinet with glass windows, where you can display fragile items, photos, heirlooms, books. More on that below…

11. Display Cabinets

Display cabinets are amazing for extra storage and the perfect way to display collections, family heirlooms, objects from your travels, fine china, or your books! Unlike a regular bookcase, a display cabinet can protect your objects from dust (and who doesn’t love an excuse to dust less??) and from kids and pets! However, keep in mind the “display” element. You’ll want to style your objects and keep things looking organized. If you don’t want to have to worry about that, you may want to opt for a fully closed cabinet.

Why We Love It

If you’ve been around Modsy for any amount of time, you know we’re endlessly inspired by Victorian living. Well, display cabinets, with their old-world charm, are the perfect option for those who are Victorians at heart and love a good collection.

12. Bookcase

Similar to closed and display cabinets, bookcases are a wonderful way to add additional storage to your living room. (Or home office. Or bedroom. There aren’t many places that a bookcase doesn’t look good!) If you need some small space storage, opt for a wall-mounted option. Otherwise, choose whatever bookcase suits your personal style!

Why We Love It

Not only can bookcases house a lot of storage for books (and other objects with the use of baskets) but they can also be super decorative. With open shelving, you can intermingle practical storage and decor for a beautifully styled look. Learn more about how to style a bookcase.

13. Bar Carts

For open living room/dining rooms, bar carts can serve as a mid-point between the living room and dining room, offering a nice transition between these two spaces. They can keep your beverages and bar accessories organized or they can be totally reimagined for living room purposes! They can be styled to hold plants and books or as a side table with a table lamp.

Why We Love It

Bar carts are versatile and easily moveable if you get a style that’s on wheels. That means it can be a side table one day and hold drinks another, depending on your needs! We love a storage piece that works for our needs, even as they change!

14. Bar Cabinet

Bar cabinets are primarily designed for alcohol and bar tool storage. It’s a great way to house all your bar supplies and even glassware out of sight. But they’re much more versatile than just that. They can typically also be used the way you’d use any other small cabinet for storing books, extra blankets, or anything else you want tucked behind a closed door.

Why We Love It

Like many other storage furniture we’ve already mentioned, bar cabinets are really versatile both in how you use them and where you place them within your living room. Like a bar cart, they can be used to transition spaces between an open living/dining room. But smaller bar cabinets can also double as side tables, or simply as a standalone piece. After all, these pieces can be quite beautiful and make a lovely statement in your living room! (Love the idea of a bar cabinet? Find the best bar cabinet for your style!)

15. Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are a perfect minimalist way to add even just a few extra inches of surface area for displaying objects and bringing more organization to your living room! These are especially great for small living rooms you gotta make use of that vertical space! But they go perfectly in any living room.

Why We Love It

We love the simplicity of floating shelves. They’re great for plants, smaller objects, and decorative art bringing organization to a small living room.

16. Wall Hooks

Every wall in your living room can be utilized for extra storage, if necessary. We recommend keeping some space open for more visual breathing room. However, if you have a functional corner (especially if it’s between two rooms, like your living room and dining room or entryway) that makes a perfect space for a few hooks. This allows you to hang commonly dropped items getting your bags off the floor and your coats of the backs of chairs!

Why We Love It

We love how wall hooks are a great way to add some simple, minimal storage to your living room. Plus, they can fly solo or be paired with additional storage. In the design above, we opted for a storage piece that combines open and closed space to keep things tucked away and organized.