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Farmhouse Living Rooms That Will Make You Feel Cozy

While the farmhouses of old often featured low ceilings and cramped rooms, today's farmhouse-inspired living rooms are built for 21st century lifestyles. A cozy, livable mix of past and present, modern farmhouse living rooms often feature white walls, vaulted ceilings, copious windows, decorative ceiling beams, shiplap walls, barn doors, vintage-style lighting, and neutral palettes. With a focus on natural materials like wood, metal, as well as stone.

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Secrets to Choosing Yellow Living Room Curtains

Choosing Yellow Living Room Curtains adds a different and stylish look to your living room, you’ll need to consider the shade of green you use. Green has a yellow hue, so it will blend seamlessly with a yellow wall, and will also spread a fresh natural vibe. A dark green shade is also a good choice for curtains that pair well with yellow walls.

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Essential Steps to Apartment Living Room Decor

Consider adding a sectional sofa, an area rug, and extra lighting. You can also use a runner or floor lamp. Small apartment living rooms often do not have enough space for a large, elaborate rug. To make your space look bigger, choose a color scheme that complements your apartment living room decor. In addition, consider using a minimalist color palette.

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