35+ Seven Kitchen Layout Ideas Small For Housewives

Almost every housewife complains if has a small kitchen layout. Usually, a small kitchen is considered to have limitations in terms of space and function. The thing to do when having a small kitchen is to make it look wider. Therefore, it is crucially important for housewives to know kitchen layout ideas small. For housewives confused about how to outsmart a narrow kitchen, over here are seven tips for  kitchen layout ideas small.

1. Making Pan Panels and other Cookware at the Wall

Take advantage of the kitchen room walls to place cooking utensils. It’s easy, hang pots and other cooking utensils on the wall. This method makes the small kitchen room more attractive and effective for cooking. Displaying cooking utensils will make it easier to find the pan or cooking utensils needed, so cooking becomes faster.

2. Turning all corners into a storage area in the kitchen

A gap between shelves, behind cabinets, under sinks, corners and windows can also be a place to store. This can help to make the goods in the kitchen had a small kitchen storage and make more widely. For kitchen corners, using a triangular rack is a good idea. As for space on the wall or door, add a magnetic knife board.

3. Use the Up and Down Side of the Cabinet

Don’t waste the top and bottom of the empty cabinet. Using the top of the cupboard as a place to store bottles is an fascinating idea. To look more attractive, arrange the items with the help of wire storage. For the underside of the hanging cabinet, use it to store cooking spices with the help of magnetic strips.

4. Maximize The sides Cabinet

The side of the closet can be a place to hang small sized cooking utensils. Add a hook or rail there, then hang the cooking utensils. Drawers can equally be used to store other items that are more in need. In addition, finding a small tool for cooking will be easier.

5. Discard Items that are unneeded

This is very necessary to make the small kitchen space more spacious. Items piled up without being used only make the kitchen room crowded. Evaluate items in the kitchen every week or two weeks. Dispose of items roughly damaged or rarely used so that they fit to store other items.

 6. Color the kitchen room with white

White causes the effect of a room that looks wider. Therefore, consider painting the kitchen in white. Choose a closet or other storage area with matching warrants. Prefer one that is lightweight, reflective and minimalist design. Plus, consider white or composite stones, white glass cabinet doors and splashback tiles. Undoubtedly, your kitchen room looks more “spacious.”

7., Use wood barriers

No need to add storage space by buying a kitchen cabinet again. many cabinets will make the small kitchen narrower. Make a barrier from wood to divide the space in the closet. This barrier can be made with used wood. Plates, pans and cutting boards will be more organized and take up less space. the remaining space can be used to store other items.

That is  kitchen layout ideas small for housewives who want to expand a small kitchen. Hopefully, this article can help to choose the best and most appropriate layout for a small kitchen.