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Small Bathroom Remodel Ideas on a Budget

Remodeling a small bathroom even a small one can seem like it comes with a steep cost. But it is possible to completely transform your bathroom on a tight budget. From simply repainting your vanity cabinetry and sourcing decor on Facebook Marketplace to using porcelain tile to imitate marble. The options are seemingly endless. Ahead, browse genius ideas designers have made use of for their clients' bathrooms that are sure to inspire your own spa makeover.

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Facts about Gold in Your Bathroom Design

Facts about Gold in Your Bathroom Design there are several ways to incorporate a gold accent into a bathroom design. This color is versatile and can complement a variety of interior styles, so it can fit into nearly everyone’s style. Soft finishes can add warmth to a dark space and work well with color blocking schemes. The designer in this space used gold accents on the wall light, faucet, and decorative pieces.

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Charming Nautical Bathroom Beach Decor Things

If you’re looking for a coastal-inspired look for your nautical bathroom, look no further. The following articles provide ideas for nautical accents and beach-inspired decor. They cover the basics, including nautical towels, a lighthouse decal, and a ship’s wheel jewelry box. Then, read on to find out more about the most popular beach-themed accessories.

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