Modern Luxury Bedroom Design Wardrobe Ideas

The wardrobe makes up a large part of your bedroom; hence it is essential to design it well. Besides aesthetics, convenience and usability are important as you store everything in the wardrobe. Wardrobe design in bedrooms usually have multiple purposes of using space efficiently. Make sure you use space in the bedroom efficiently to build the wardrobe and use the space efficiently inside the wardrobe with just enough shelves. We have made a list of some exquisite wardrobe design for bedrooms.

Some wardrobe designs for bedroom

Rustic Wooden Wardrobe

This wooden wardrobe design for the bedroom will remind you of your farmhouse in the countryside. The design is very simple, almost traditional. There are two wooden doors for each wardrobe with vent-like engravings on the front, enabling air circulation, ensuring your clothes are never damp as well as always stay clean. They have added yellow lights above the doors to illuminate the contents inside the cupboard. The cabinets above are also made of wood, and the flooring is also a light wooden flooring. 

All White 3-door Bedroom Wardrobe Design

This master bedroom design with a dressing table is good for small bedrooms. They have three wardrobes as well as a small dressing table with two mirrors. The wardrobe doors are simple white material with metallic handles and white light. There is a small cushioned stool in the dressing unit near the mirror to comfortably get dressed or do your makeup. The light in the dressing room is also white, with a shade towards the warmer side.

White And Wooden

This wall wardrobe design for bedrooms is perfect for large rooms. They have used high reflective white material for the doors with brown wooden handles. There are three large double-door wardrobes for effective storage. They also have a dressing unit and cabinets above. The dressing unit as well as the cabinets above have a wooden texture matching the neutral colour scheme. The white tiles and flooring also complement the white wardrobe.

Black And White Sliding Doors

This is a sliding door wardrobe with two wardrobes as well as one door. They have used white reflective acrylic on the doors with three large black stripes in the middle of a matte finish. This sliding door wardrobe design is perfect for your room. Sliding doors are preferred for smaller rooms as they do not occupy space when opened. This sliding door design will look elegant in your bedroom. 

Wooden Sliding Doors

This master bedroom slider wardrobe design is elegant and classy. It is a two-door wardrobe with wooden sliding doors. The doors have engraved lines on them to give them a designer look. They have added a strip of white high reflective material on the right as well as have used the same material for the cabinets above. The rest of the elements in the room are also either wooden or white, adhering to the theme. This wardrobe design is perfect for a master bedroom.

Mirror Doors Bedroom Wardrobe Design 

One can never go wrong with a grey as well as white colour theme. This room has an evergreen grey as well as white colour palette with mirrored doors. The mirrors serve two purposes; it creates an optical illusion of increased space as well as makes the room look bigger, and it serves the purpose of a dressing room with a full-length mirror. Sometimes there isn’t enough space in the dressing room to have a full-length mirror, but when attached to the doors of wardrobes, it becomes a full-length mirror. This modern wardrobe design for the bedroom is perfect for the children’s bedroom as well as the master bedroom.

A Simple Teal Coloured Bedroom Wardrobe 

This simple wardrobe design for the bedroom brings in a pop of colour. It is perfect for breaking the nude as well as neutral colour monotony. They have teal doors of a matte finish, which look modern and elegant. A dressing unit with a large mirror and a few drawers under it. The drawers are blue-grey. The dash of colour in the bedroom gives a lively, fun and fresh vibe. 

Simple Grey Coloured Small

This corner wardrobe design for a bedroom is perfect for a small-sized bedroom. There are two grey wardrobes with metallic handles. A chevron-like pattern is engraved on the wardrobe doors to give them a different look. This design is not very elaborate, but the grey and metallic amalgamation give a good look with its chevron pattern. They have also added white lights just above the doors to ensure it is illuminated well. 

Wooden And Black Sliding Doors

This modern wardrobe with a dressing table design for the bedroom is beautiful! They have two sliding doors and two wardrobes with a dressing table on the side. One sliding door is black while the other one is of wood. The black sliding door is of a matte finish with a few line patterns embossed on it. The wooden door has a black vertical stripe of the same finish as the other door on it, to match it. The dressing table had a mirror and the wall surrounding it is of wood with horizontal stripes accessorising it. 

Bedroom Wardrobe Design With Shelves

This wardrobe shelf design for the bedroom is perfect for your children’s room. It is a very simple design with two white wardrobes with shelves in between them. The doors of the wardrobes have vertical stripes engraved in them and handles below. The shelves have a subtle wooden effect and are illuminated with warm white light. The shelves can be used to place books, toys or picture frames. The accommodation of shelves is what makes it a perfect design for a children’s bedroom.