Example of Girls bedroom ideas

Girls bedroom decor in pink can be designed and decorated based on DIY ideas to get optimal results into sets. So that amazingly impressive in preserving beauty and functionality. Bedroom pink is being a famous design and decor. When it comes to girly bedroom decorating in matter of color that I dare to say about beauty and cute atmosphere.

Girls’ bedroom sets in pink are available in different options of design and style. Could choose from and to apply based on your personal taste. Girls can do DIY ideas for pink bedroom decorating into furniture and other features inside of bedroom space quite effectively.

1. Wallpaper the ceiling


Lots of lovely girl’s bedroom ideas to pinch from this space the daybed, the headboard, the lovely shapes of the bookcases, but we especially love the wallpapered ceiling. Taking wallpaper onto the ceiling, rather than going with a feature wall is not only way more on-trend. But there’s something very whimsical about pattern on the ceiling that suits children’s bedrooms.  

‘When it comes to decor, don’t feel the need to keep to traditional children’s pallets and papers. Wallpapers and schemes that are considered as more grown-up can be brilliant in kid’s rooms.’ says Cherie Lee. ‘We would suggest being brave with pattern too. Children’s rooms can be a fun combination of spots, stripes geometrics and chevrons. It all goes!’

2. Go bespoke for a magical girl’s bedroom


Kids love den-like space, so opting for a bespoke built-in bed. That not only creates a fun and cozy sleep space. But also adds some handy extra storage is a win-win. Be inspired by this design that’s built into an awkward nook and yet maximized space with a bed, drawers, and cubby holes. Also loving the pink and orange color scheme going on here the perfect twist on a monochrome pink scheme. 

3. Hang a canopy to make a bed more magical


A simple way to nod towards the classic princess theme without going all out. A canopy above their bed adds that magical touch. ‘Canopies are a great way to enrich a little one’s bedroom, adding a sense of magic and wonder. Drape over beds to create a cocooning destination for bedtime storytelling or hang over desks to bring more excitement to a learning space.

And canopies aren’t just for above the bed either, hang one in a corner for an instant den-like space. Fill the inside with cushions and throws and you have an extra area for playtime and yet it doesn’t take up lots of space.

4. Or use wallpaper to give furniture more personality


Another quick and easy furniture update, cover them in wallpaper or prints that reflect whatever they are into at the time. Again, it’s a really easy DIY job that they can get involved with too. This old chest of drawers has been covered in a map. A classic theme for kid’s bedrooms, as well as great if you are after something more gender-neutral too. But you could get creative with old books, layer up wallpaper samples, posters of their favorite movies. And you can update the furniture too as their tastes change.

5. Upcycle vintage finds


A lovely way to inject some personality into a girl’s bedroom is to shop second-hand and upcycle some vintage finds you both love. If your child is old enough, get them involved with the process, let them help you pick pieces, and help decide on paint colors and fabrics to update them with. They could even help with the DIY project.

As this bedroom proves, bringing vintage pieces into a kid’s bedroom adds such lovely, pretty shapes that definitely have some princess vibes. And they have far more longevity than a brand new princess branded dressing table set. It’s likely they’ll have these pieces well into their teens. Plus you can create a really cool and quirky contrast between old and new like the glass-fronted French dresser used here that’s filled with brightly colored toys, it’s a nice alternative to more traditional kid’s bedroom storage.

6. Design the elegant room of their dreams


When redecorating a girl’s bedroom really think about longevity. It might pain you to think of it out they aren’t going to love Disney forever (well at least they won’t want a Disney themed bedroom forever). So design a room that’s going to grow with them. Keep the layout and the decorate simple and depending on their age, skip the single bed and go straight for a double.

This girl’s bedroom is lovely and light and neutral with just a touch of pink with the drapes. Decor and soft furnishings can easily be switched out as they grow and tastes change but you won’t have to worry about painting or investing in new furniture.