Essential Things for Dorm Room Organization Ideas

Dorms rooms are truly multi-tasking spaces: they’re made for sleeping, studying, eating, and hanging out with friends. But what they aren’t known for is being spacious or particularly orderly. These dorm room organization ideas will help you think of creative ways to make the most of the space you do have. Whether it’s under-the-bed or behind the door. Vertical storage or organized drawers, there are actually a surprising amount of ways to organize a dorm. So you can fit clothes, books, cleaning supplies, and all the other things you need.

1. Floating Shelves in a Dorm

This small dorm room has plenty of personality. An open shelf over the bed is perfect for displaying framed photos and other personal items while keeping the desk and dresser clear. This style shelf works well for displaying items. That would get damaged if they fell, but open storage also works well.

2. A Desk With Shelving

Shelves on a desk are a great way to keep the desk surface for essentials while still having plenty of space for books, framed photos, and plants or other homey items that warm up a dorm. Many schools will have shelves above the desk, but if not. You can put a cubby shelf system on the desk itself which makes it so you don’t have to drill anything.

3. Space-Saving Folding

Using a space-saving folding technique takes no extra time on laundry day (once you get the easy technique down), plus it saves so much space in your drawers. There isn’t one right way to fold clothes to save drawer space. And you may try a few different ways until you find one you like best.

4. Desk Drawer Organization

Make your desk work for you by keeping it organized. When you’re cramming for finals, you’ll know exactly where to find your charging cord, highlighter, screen cleaner, (or Lifesaver mint for tough moments). Having some sort of desk organization is a good way to feel calm and ready when it’s time to sit down to study. Plus when you know where everything is you spend more time taking notes and less time looking for index cards or Post-Its.

5. Hooks and Baskets

Make the most of the closet space you do have by installing a hanging rack for keeping backpacks, purses, totes, and other items organized. An over-the-door rack (which doesn’t require any drilling) is dorm-friendly, as are baskets for storing out of season clothes or bulkier items that won’t wrinkle if they’re folded in a bin.

6. Use Wall Space

In a room with limited space, like a dorm. It’s always a good idea to think vertical and use wall space. This hat storage idea uses the wall (you can use Command hooks if you’re not allowed to make holes in the dorm), and it also works as part of the decor. Bags, jewelry, and baseball hats also work well for vertical storage.

7. An Organized Desk

A dorm room desk can be both functional and beautiful. The cubbies, computer stand, and roomy woven baskets keep everything organized. While a houseplant, terrarium, and framed art looks warm and inviting. A set of lightweight drawers from Ikea works well as a desk stand. But if your dorm desk has drawers, you can always use something similar as a nightstand or in the closet.

8. A Dorm Room With a Nightstand for Storage

This sophisticated navy and gold dorm room looks elevated and clean. Thanks to plenty of storage (and of course, those upholstered headboards). When you lift the top off the ottoman, there’s space inside for chargers, hot tools, and other odds and ends. The shared nightstand offers a bunch of space, and it’s nice to be able to shut the door on any clutter.

9. Under-Bed Storage

A lofted bed is a fantastic way to add square footage to a small dorm room. Some choose to loft the bed high enough where a couch or desk can fit under, and others may prefer to use the extra space for shelves or drawers. Most dorm beds are designed to be stacked (like bunk beds) or lofted, but it’s usually a two-person job.

10. A Dorm Curtain Wall

If you’re looking to warm up the cold cinder block wall of a dorm room, try this cool trick. Installing a curtain over the wall instantly makes the room look more spacious, sophisticated, and a lot more inviting, plus it lets the dresser decor pop. Cinder block or brick walls aren’t easy to drill into (nor would you want to if your dorm has rules about what you can put on the walls). But Command hooks or even heavy duty tape may be your friend here.