Dining Room Lighting Ideas You Can Apply

When decorating our dining rooms, many of us focus on the big-ticket items like tables and chairs. But, these aren’t the only must-haves worth considering. Dining room lighting are just as necessary and can make a significant difference in your space adding contrast, cohesion, or even a pop of show-stopping drama.

So, don’t just stick with the dining room light fixtures you’ve inherited. Instead, spend some time thinking about what your space needs, and snag a fixture or a combination of fixtures that delivers it.

1. Double Up

No one said you had to stick to just one chandelier. So, if you want to bring more light into your space, consider hanging two chandeliers, instead. You can mount the fixtures symmetrically over your table so that each illuminates one pair of chairs. This should make sure you have plenty of well-balanced light, and it should keep your space feeling cleanly designed, too.

2. Mount Lights Along Your Wall

Ceiling-mounted lighting is a popular choice. But, if your dining room table is tucked away in a corner, you may be able to use wall-mounted lighting, instead. Mount a row of sconces that span the length of your dining room table. Just make sure they jut out enough to offer you the light that you need.

3. Consider Color and Texture

The shape of your light fixture isn’t the only thing worth considering. Its color and texture can have a big impact too, especially if they complement other pieces in your space. Take a look at the colors and textures you’re already working with, and consider choosing a light fixture that echoes them. An off-white woven chandelier may be the perfect pick for a dining room filled with off-white throws and a woven rug.

4. Add Contrast With a Chandelier

A glam chandelier may seem out of place in a rustic dining room, but it may be just the thing you need to bring your space together. Remember that lighting can add either contrast or cohesion, so consider which one your space needs, and snag an option that delivers it.

5. Warm Up Your Space With Off-White Lights

White is a pretty rare choice for a pendant lampshade, and off-white is an even rarer one. But, the warm neutral can make a surprisingly striking addition to your space. Off-white is a decidedly subtle color, but it’s still bold enough to make an impact.

6. Add Texture With a Beaded Shade

Beaded lampshades aren’t the kind of thing you see every day. But, they can make a playful addition to your dining room, bringing texture, surprise, and fun in equal measure.

7. Spring for Something Structural

Remember that classic chandeliers aren’t the only options on offer. Bold contemporary fixtures abound and they can make a statement in any space. So, if you fall in love with a sculptural option, snag it. Then, balance out its impact by pairing it with pieces that echo its color, shape, and texture.

8. Hang a Lamp as Big as Your Table

Large chandeliers may only seem at home in massive spaces. But in smaller ones, they can make a huge statement pun very much intended. Consider hanging a lamp that’s as big as your dining room table, or at least as wide as your dining room table. You’ll end up with plenty of light and an obvious statement-maker.

9. Add Light With a Few Matching Pendants

Hanging more than one light can feel like a maximalist approach. But, you can keep your space feeling clean and orderly by hanging a few matching pendant lights in a single row. Combined, these lamps will maximize the light in your space without creating visual clutter.