Creative Ways Dining Room Ideas Stylish

Formal dining room have gone by the wayside in many modern homes, deemed too stuffy and unsuitable for contemporary living. But having a dedicated room with a large table set up for the purpose of sharing a meal is a luxury. And if your home includes a dining room, it shouldn’t be treated an afterthought or decorated like a stage set that gets used for special occasions just a few times a year.

From wall paint to wallpaper, furniture to lighting, and decor and accessories like rugs and art. There are endless ways to style your dining room to suit your home, mood, or lifestyle. Check out these stylish and functional dining rooms that are designed for sharing memorable meals with family. Hosting dinner guests, or serving as an bonus space for reading, studying, or working from home during off hours.

1. Add a Showy Wine Cellar

This spacious suburban dining room from Kate Marker Interiors is all about the bling. From the oversized modern crystal chandelier hanging over the table to the showy adjacent metal and glass-front wine cellar. That gives diners a view of the owner’s impressive collection of bottles.

2. Try an Oval Table

The dining table is the anchor piece to your dining room design. While it’s hard to go wrong with a classic rectangle. Depending on the shape of your room and your preferences. You can also choose a round, square, or oval table. This DIY oval table inspired by the Saarinen classic from A Beautiful Mess is paired with Eames Eiffel-style chairs, pink walls, green plants. A midcentury modern-style sputnik pendant light, preserving flow in a relatively small space.

3. Repurpose an Unused Fireplace

Even an unused fireplace adds atmosphere to a room. In this cozy dining room from Brexton Cole Interiors, an antique fireplace is painted glossy black as well as its empty firebox is stuffed with books. An eye-catching decorating move that might otherwise strike fear in a book lover’s heart.

4. Hang Graphic Wallpaper

This coastal San Francisco dining room from Leclair Decor has white shiplap-clad vaulted ceilings, a neutral color palette, as well as black-and-white wallpaper that adds a soft modern graphic element while preserving the light and airy indoor/outdoor feel.

5. Try a Transparent Table

If your dining room is located in a pass through or a small space. Using a transparent glass or lucite table will lighten up the room, reflect light, as well as allow your choice of dining room chairs to stand out. Like this dining room designed by Velinda Hellen for Emily Henderson Design.

6. Plant a Tree

This dining room from Jenn Pablo Studio mixes upholstered bench seating with wooden dining chairs to create a serene and minimalist look. A potted indoor tree perched in the corner brings the room to life and a bit of the outdoors inside.

7. Hang Floor-to-Ceiling Drapes

This dining room from interior designer Tyler Karu is warm and inviting, with its honey-colored wood tones, leather seat covers, dramatic woven pendant light, and homey table lamp with a warm fabric shade set on the sideboard. The pale butterscotch-colored floor-to-ceiling drapes add coziness and provide light control as well as privacy. Particularly for evening dinner parties or if your dining room is visible from the street.

8. Deck Out the Ceiling

This dining room from Christina Kim Interior Design has a reclaimed wood ceiling detail. That contrasts with the white shiplap walls, adding warmth, texture, and a surprise element. Shiny gold pendant lights add contrast with the dark wood tones, and fluffy seat covers draped on the backs of chairs create a cozy and inviting feel.