Amazing White and Gold Kitchen Ideas to Try Right Now

One of the most elegant color combinations for a kitchen is white and gold. Despite the classic look, this color combination can also be inexpensive. While most people perceive white and gold as bronze yellow, there are many variations in gold’s spectrum. The traditional yellow color is considered warm, while the shinier, bronze-like undertones are seen in gold-plated items. In addition to traditional yellow gold, there are also copper-based alloys in many shades of gold, as well.

The modern white and gold kitchen has been in the design zone for some time, but until recently, this combination was only used with silver. This is because white and grey can be rather one-dimensional unless you add some warmth. Adding gold breaks up the coolness of white and grey and adds a sense of warmth to the space. A kitchen featuring this color scheme will focus on a central gold cooker hood, with golden details adding a touch of class to the decor.

Another way to incorporate gold in your kitchen is to add antique brass hardware to the cabinets. Antique brass hardware has a heavy “gold” coloring that creates a warm ambiance. Bronze hardware matches the gold faucet finish and adds visual interest to cabinet fronts. A white and gold-toned faucet will bring a touch of glamor to a white Shaker-style kitchen. Adding unique hardware to the cabinet fronts will add a touch of gold to the room while creating a sleek and contemporary look.

Traditional gold


Traditional gold hardware offers a “yellow” undertone. This is the default gold color that comes to mind when we think about gold. This kitchen presents an expansive white canvas for polished gold accents in both hardware and lighting.

Matte gold


Matte gold hardware in this white kitchen warms up the bright white cabinets. The contemporary style of the matte gold handles and pulls add a layer of elegance to this transitional kitchen style.

Rose gold


Rose gold is a few degrees cooler than yellow gold. Rose gold hardware works beautifully when paired with cool all-white cabinets to add a pop of color. Unlike other shiny golds, rose gold looks good adjacent to stainless steel appliances.

Brushed gold

The brushed gold hardware on these white kitchen cabinets echoes the antique gold light fixtures but adds a contemporary twist. The muted shine of brushed gold adds a layer of sophistication.

Golden champagne copper

This champagne copper hardware warms up a kitchen with white Shaker-style cabinets. The champagne copper brings in a hint of pink, less brassy than traditional gold. This hardware is perfect for traditional, transitional, and contemporary kitchens.