Boho Style Bedrooms That Are Effortless and Eclectic

Bohemian style was originally characterized by its colorful and maximalist embrace of the eclectic and the eccentric. These days, boho style interiors are often mixed with popular styles such as Scandinavian, or interpreted with a minimalist touch using neutral palettes and choice accessories that introduce a subtle dose of boho design in otherwise simple modern rooms.

San Francisco-based French expat Siham Mazouz, author of the home decor book How the French Live. Says that the ideal boho style decor “layers colors, textures and artistic, travel or repurposed objects to ultimately create, almost in a happy accident, an unconventional, colorful, quirky, and outside-of-the-box decor. It’s about repurposing the old and mixing meaningful objects gathered through your personal experience. The countries you visited or lived in, and creating from scratch a personal scene. That reflects who you are, and how unique your personal experiences are. It tells your story.”

Check out these stylish spaces for inspiration on how to add some boho chic design touches to your bedroom.

1. Add Midcentury Vibes

Dazey Den used a bold retro color palette of orange, yellow, and blue, a mix of textiles, and vintage style nightstands and lighting in this kitschy take on boho meets midcentury style.

2. Keep It Open

This open en suite bedroom from @houseofharvee has a neutral palette and a cozy cottage feel that includes a bathtub located a few feet from the bed.

3. Loosen It Up

JL Design finished an otherwise luxe and spacious bedroom decorated in understated neutral tones with some eye-catching. Casual boho style touches like a vibrant throw pillow, patterned wall art, as well as a pair of pendant lights in place of bedside lamps.

4. Dress It Up

Opposite the bed, blogger Sara Toufali dressed up her double dresser corner with plants as well as decorative objects in natural tones to carry the light as well as airy boho style theme throughout the room.

5. Prioritize Plants

In this easy, minimalist take on boho style from blogger Sara Toufali. Crisp white walls as well as curtains contrast with warm medium-toned furniture as well as linens. The room is accessorized with a rattan ceiling light, a patterned rug, as well as plenty of fresh, natural greenery.

6. Layer Textiles

Lindye Galloway Studio + Shop added layers of textiles in soft neutral tones that complement the off white walls and wood accents as well as add a whisper of boho style that makes it feel effortless.

7. Float the Bed

JL Design gave this airy bedroom a dose of boho style irreverence by suspending the bed from ropes attached to the tall pitched ceilings.

8. Add Whimsy

Elsie Larson from A Beautiful Mess created a whimsical boho design-inspired girls bedroom with an intricately scrolled vintage-style wicker headboard, a Moroccan pouf and wedding blanket, a tall wicker giraffe sculpture, and graphic neutral-toned wallpaper.

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