Example of Bathroom Cabinets and Sink

Which is Right For Your Space? there are so many choices when it comes to choosing bathroom cabinets and sink. From antique white to designer white Corian, you can choose from a wide variety of styles, shapes, and materials. There are freestanding vanities as well. But which is the best option for your space? Read on to find out! After all, the right sink for your bathroom will not only fit in with the decor of your entire room, but it will also serve as a functional storage space for your toiletries.

Corian is made from designer white corian

If you are looking for a solid surface that can be used for your bathroom sink and cabinetry, you may be wondering if Corian is right for your space. Corian is a solid surface material that is non-porous and resistant to stains, mold, and bacteria. It can be molded and thermoformed and is easy to clean. It is also available in a wide variety of colors.


However, it is not invincible. While Corian is durable and easy to clean, it can be scratched and stained. Most stains are surface stains caused by food. In these cases, you can simply rub them off with an abrasive cleaner. But some cleaners can cause discoloration in Corian. However, you can also sand out any scratches to remove the discoloration.


If you are looking for a bathroom sink that combines beauty and function, you can find one that meets your budget. This sink and cabinetry set by Mood Kitchen & Bath can help you with both. The Elle collection has 45-degree beveled doors and a 30-degree curved top for a multifunctional vanity unit. This collection also comes in different sizes and shapes.


If you want to go all out and add a beautiful designer look to your bathroom, you can opt for a solid surface material like Corian. This material is extremely durable and can be customized in many ways. Unlike natural stone, Corian can be cut into complex shapes, resulting in a seamless backsplash, inlay, and lighting. It is also possible to have a countertop that matches fabrics and paint samples.


Antique white Corian

An antique white Corian bathroom sink and cabinet set can be an elegant addition to any master bath. The cabinets are crafted of solid wood with accents of white beading boards. The engineered stone countertop is topped with a recessed under-mount sink and includes several storage options, including a tilt-down drawer, a two-door cabinet with soft-closing hinges, and an adjustable interior shelf. Both the sink and cabinets come with matte black or brushed nickel hardware.


A gorgeous bathroom design in a beach house features a white surround and linear black mosaic tiles. The vanity is made of white Corian and has an oval sink and a vintage-style faucet. The tiled floor complements the white theme. A charming white cottage bathroom features a round sink in an ivory-colored vessel and framed abstracts over the toilet. The white-and-blue-themed bathroom is accented by a white sink vanity and x-front cut-out cabinet doors. The sink is fitted with a polished nickel faucet kit. A white bathroom peninsula contains an integrated dishwasher and a round sink, and a polished nickel towel bar.


Bathroom vanities in antique white can have a variety of finishes. The finishes may be solid, aged, or heavily weathered, and will make a big difference in the overall look. A solid finish is the easiest to clean and maintain, while light wear-through looks dingy in a dark room. Aged finishes, on the other hand, will give the appearance of age and sophistication. When chosen well, these vanities will enhance the beauty and functionality of your bathroom.


Single sink vanities

When choosing a vanity, it is essential to consider the space available underneath the sink. The plumbing for a sink will take up some space, so a cabinet that has an extra drawer on top is a good choice. In addition to adding additional storage space, a single sink will leave more countertop space. If space is an issue, a recessed medicine cabinet will also provide additional storage options. While it may not be practical for every bathroom, choosing a single sink vanity in bathroom cabinets will help maximize space.


While freestanding bathroom vanities are suitable for smaller bathrooms, built-in vanities are a better choice for larger spaces. Typically, built-in vanities have more storage space and counter space. Single-sink vanities come with a variety of options, including drop-in sinks, vessel sinks, and under-mount sinks. These types are popular and can fit into a wide range of bathroom styles and themes.


The top of a vanity can be made of various materials. A popular choice is a laminate, which combines many paper sheets that are glued together. This material allows you to paint it any color you want, but it does need to be cleaned regularly, as stains will appear very easily. The bottom of the vanity is often covered in water-proof material. A marble top also provides a smooth bathroom surface, but it will require some cleaning.

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