Brilliant Bathroom Organization Ideas

These brilliant bathroom organization ideas will help keep your space neat and tidy so you can get ready for your day more efficiently! Oh, bathrooms! We use them all the time. They’re an essential part of our getting ready process in the morning and our bedtime routine at night. But they can get cluttered and messy so easily!

Our morning and evening routines will run so much more smoothly when our bathrooms are neat and tidy, so today I wanted to share the top tips I’ve learned after years and years of organizing that help keep the bathrooms organized.

1. Stretch a long tension rod across your shower to hang a caddy from

Need more storage space in your shower? A sturdy tension rod and S-hooks give you an instant shower-length solution. Not only do you have room to place your shower tools and products, but the method allows for air circulation so your scrubbies and washcloths can dry between uses.

2. Hang products from a tension rod or towel bar with clip-on shower curtain rings

Use photo- or curtain-clip hooks to suspend the personal care products you use in the shower, so you can store them right where they are needed. Hanging them means never having to clean in-shower shelves either.

3. Roll up washcloths and store them in an upright file sorter

No more trying to keep washcloths from getting lost in the jumble of hand and body towels in the linen closet. No more tiny towers of awkwardly folded washcloths that end up looking like rags. This storage method of using an upright magazine-and-file sorter is as cute as it is effective.

4. Decant shampoo and other shower staples to visually reduce clutter

There’s actual clutter, and we know you work hard to eliminate that from your bathroom. But then there’s visual clutter, the “noise” of colorful labels and different sized containers. To infuse your shower with the spa feeling you crave, dry decanting into eye-pleasing, uniform containers.

5. Use a free-standing wardrobe or hutch to instead of a linen closet

No linen closet? No problem. Add a cute hutch to your bathroom or any area nearby to store paper products, towels, and more. This piece will not only allow you to infuse more personality into your space but will create all sorts of new storage opportunities.

6. Bring cabinet organizers onto the counters

Sometimes you need to store bulkier items on the surface of your counter. For an eye-pleasing yet utilitarian solution, bring your cabinet organizers out in the open so you can save in-cabinet space for things you’d rather keep behind closed doors, like toilet paper and cleaning supplies.

7. Hang plastic baskets on the inside of cabinet doors

The insides of your cabinet doors are rife with storage possibilities. Hanging dollar store baskets from them means you can keep small items like essential oil bottles, razors, and feminine products from junking up drawers or getting lost in cavernous cabinets.

8. Store hair tools in a countertop organizer if you don’t have cabinet or drawer space

Hair tools strewn on the counter can look messy. Consider investing in a countertop appliance holder that will keep you organized and ready for whatever event comes your way.

9. Hang a caddy over the shower head to make space out of thin air

This shower caddy is definitely more structurally interesting and appealing than your standard hanging shower unit. Set product bottles and bars of soap on the shelves and hang loofahs, scrubbers, and razors from hooks.

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