Best Bathroom Wainscoting Ideas and Designs

As have been mentioned, wainscoting is one of the most traditional aesthetic solutions to a plain looking wall. With those fine edges, often in geometric shapes, the wall is given more depth, angle and shape. In this list, we feature some of the most notable bathroom wainscoting ideas out there. If you are currently looking for one, check out the following.

1. Light green wainscotting tile

When having a small bathroom area, minimal furniture is added, thus it is your time to get creative with the colors and texture of your tiles. Make sure that everything blends well together because a small area makes you look at everything that is present in the area.

Having a light green wainscotting like this idea is looking fresh and light so pairing it with bold green as a flooring is recommended. With this design, you can have a worthwhile bathroom area while having to enjoy the simplicity the colors of white and green provides.

2. Dark board wainscoting

Getting away with white and the common colors is always a good idea. Opting for a bolder color like this one also goes with having a different view and feels inside the bathroom.

The presence of the bathtub in the center serves as the focal point since it contrasts the bold color and the patterned tile flooring. This design is simple but the colors bring character that makes it different.

3. Dark burgundy board

As vibrant and bold as the red color, this wainscoting idea is very much of your style. It is not so dark and is not light but can look very impressive because of the impact the color red gives.

May it be a small or large bathroom area, it is very evident that giving colors that match the design like this bathroom decorations gives a traditional feel yet welcoming and nice.

4. Wooden wainscotting

If you want to achieve a rustic theme, go and use it as a wainscotting in your bathroom areas. This small bathroom idea goes so well with the wood color plus putting this sink design looking old but is very warm, cozy and welcoming. With this wainscotting idea, a very naturalistic vibe can be felt too.

5. Modern high wainscotting

An expensive and modern bathroom area is very ideal for most homeowners. That is why this wainscotting idea is just right for this elegant bathroom area.

The colors and the high wainscotting looks very impressive and added intensity to the neutral colors in which it is looking grand and expensive. Opting for this high wainscotting is also one of the unique ideas homeowner’s would go and choose from.

6. Full wainscotting

Well, if a half and tall wainscotting works, a full wainscotting can also look way more beautiful like this wainscotting bathroom idea.

The color is just neutral that is contrasting with the black patterned flooring and looks very much nice and elegant. The color and the texture of the wainscotting gives a greater impact and increases. The aesthetic value of this small bathroom area.

7. Accent wainscoting wall

In a bathroom, it need not be the whole wall that has wainscoting. Instead, you can opt to just have a wainscoting to just a corner and it’ll create a good view.

This idea is not popular to many but once applied, there is no doubt that it also brings class and beauty to the bathroom space area.

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