One-Of-A-Kind Maximalist Living Rooms

If you ask me, what decor style is currently in trend, I’ll say ‘maximalism’. Maximalist living rooms is a beautiful home décor style that assumes many colors, patterns, various styles to create a unique space. This is new eclectics that went absolutely wild and many homeowners enjoy that! If you one of those who crave for color as well as pattern. Let’s take a look at the boldest and coolest ways to decorate a living room in maximalist style!

As maximalism is new eclectics, you already know what to do – rock everything you like in one place! Of course, you can choose a color scheme and stick to it for a more cohesive look but actually it’s not obligatory and you may rock all the colors that come to your mind. The same goes for styles, if you can’t choose one or two. Skip this idea as well as mix everything you like in one room, maximalism has no limits. If you are hesitating as well as wanna know what styles look perfect with maximalism, these are boho, ethnic, global and modern ones.

Colors And Styles

boho maximalis living room with green sofa, colorful pillows, rattan table. Bold artwork and mirrors of sunlight as well as potted plants

a bold maximalist living room with rattan as well as wooden furniture, colorful pillows, textiles and ottomans, potted plants

a bold maximalist living room with red walls, a yellow sofa and colorful stools. Bold rugs, lovely artworks as well as potted plants

bold maximalist living room with tropical leaf wallpaper, a blue fireplace, a fuchsia chair and a turquoise ottoman, bold art as well as decor

a bright maximalist living room with neutral paneled walls. A teal sofa and an orange lounger, a zebra ottoman, colorful pillows and rugs

a colorful maximalist living room with a tile floor, a green sofa and rattan furniture. Colorful pillows as well as rugs and potted plants

maximalist living room with double height ceilings, a neutral floor with a printed rug, blue and green furniture, a bold gallery wall

a colorful maximalist living space with a green sofa, an orange ottoman, a bold gallery wall and colorful pillows

a glam maximalist living room with bold wallpaper, a green rug, a pink sofa, colorful lamps and a gold coffeee table

a maximalist living room with a blue sofa, a whimsy chair, colorful rugs and pillows and a bold statement plant in a basket

a maximalist living room with a coral sofa, a bold blue rug, pastel ottomans, lilac chairs and a bold artwork

living room with a faux stone wall, a green and a pink sofa, a green ottoman, a printed rug and potted plants is chic


Have a style? Then choose the furnishings according to it and get a lovely space. If not, then mix up styles, colors and epochs in your living room placing whatever you like. A fireplace can be a nice solution for your maximalist living room and it has a mantel that can be your canvas for decorating. Pay special attention to prints as this style is about them, too. You may rock as many as you like, add fringe, tassels and macrame and much more to your textiles. Artworks and gallery walls are also extremely important for a maximalist space as it should be ‘filled’. So think of what to add to your space and make it look amazing!

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