8 Rugs for Every Room That Are So Chic

The quest for the perfect rugs is never an easy one. You want something that can hold up to your daily foot traffic (whether that’s in the living room, entryway, or even kitchen) and still look just as bright and new as the day you bought it. But washing regular area rugs isn’t always possible, and definitely not the easiest Sunday self-care task even when it is.

That is, until you meet Ruggable. The full range of style-forward showstoppers has one thing in common: It’s washable (but like, actually). Once yours is ready for a scrub, simply remove the Rug Cover from the Pad, throw it in the machine, and then reattach the Cover back onto the Pad.

Spill some wine cheers-ing on the couch? No problem. Accidentally bring half your front yard into your entryway? You’re a laundry load away from brand-new again. And with a variety of shapes, styles, and colors, you’ll have no problem finding a rug to match the vibe of ​every​ room in your home.

Take our suggestions below on homes for your new rug — and then feel free to promptly ignore them and throw down wherever you need some style oomph.

Outdoor Varia Trellis Forest Green Rug

When we said every room, we even meant your back patio. This classic number (that now comes in size 9 x 12 for larger outdoor spaces) is extra durable, water-resistant, and made to fight color fading and mold growth — a double win for humid summers. Plus, it can be used indoors once you’re ready to retire its backyard post.

Hendesi Heriz Abalone Rug

Inspired by traditional Persian-style rugs, this neutral gem is perfect for elevating the look of your bedroom, as well as can act as the starting point for the rest of your decor inspiration.

Suzani Coral Rug

Cottagecore in the kitchen? Yes please. With delicately drawn petals as well as vines, this floral rug will brighten up and add more life to your cooking space. Even if your kitchen is more of a large closet with heat, no problem: Opt for one of the runner sizes (2.5 x 7 or 2.5 x 10) to still give off those traditional-chic vibes.

Vintage Daisy Bordered Tangerine Rug

Have an empty space that could use a dash of vintage flair? This Daisy Bordered Rug will instantly warm up any hall (go for one of the runner sizes from above) or entryway (opt for the 3 x 5 or 5 x 7 sizes, depending on the amount of space you’re working with). It doesn’t matter how many times you use it as a doormat — all you have to do is grab the detergent and detach your Cover.

Watercolor Floral Navy Rug

Bring some playful spirit to your dining room with this bold, abstract watercolor option. From here, let your area rug do the talking as the statement piece, and opt for minimal decor pieces for some balance.

Victoria Teal Green Rug

With a vivid green hue, this Persian-inspired rug brings the elegance without feeling too formal. It’s just the right pop of color to make a more traditional family room setup feel unexpectedly vibrant.

Impasto Slate Blue Rug

Art lover or not, this slate blue rug is the abstract piece your home office has been missing. If you’re dealing with more of a nook than an actual office space, opt for the circle shape (6′ or 8′ round) to carve out your own personal WFH space.

Moroccan Diamond Plush Rug

This Moroccan Diamond Rug is the easy-to-clean option you wish your living room had sooner. Inspired by the textures and weaving techniques of Moroccan Berber rugs, it goes with everything while still adding personality to your space. And isn’t that the best possible combo?

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