Kitchen Designs – A Dream Kitchen Can Be Yours

“I’m not sure I believe in dream,” a friend once said to me. “The truth is you can’t believe in dreams as much as you think you do.” “That’s not what I meant,” I told him, and he went on to explain that his own dream kitchen had been something of an obsession with him.

Dreams kitchen

Your kitchen is more likely to be the very best in the neighborhood than the best in the city. “Dreams are like dreams, only better.” Indeed, this is an attitude that I’ve learned through my own experience.

My first dream was a dream kitchen. For years, my dream kitchen was my family’s dream kitchen. The kitchen was large, with a lot of storage and counter space, but not cluttered, nor overcrowded. I dreamt of a kitchen that had everything arranged with precision and purpose.

When I had it built, my dream kitchen wasn’t big enough for my family to enjoy their meals at their leisure. Now I’m cooking dinner together at eight in the morning!

I love having a place where I can feel welcome. You’re dreaming about your dream kitchen, aren’t you? If we really want to live a dream life, we need to remember that our dreams can be changed. I’d like to challenge the next client I work with, “You can change your dreams, can’t you?”

And I’d like to challenge the next person I work with, “Can you change your dreams, can’t you?” Think on this. If you feel like the idea of “dreaming” of your dream kitchen is making you feel grateful and inspired, then you have the power, the ability, to change your dream to your satisfaction.


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