40+ The Small Kitchen Ideas Apartment Organizing Space Saving Stories

The small kitchen apartment holds unique merit for a household. It can withstand the crazy cooking spree as an extensive work counter, and it also can hosts a meal. Aside from that, it also can hide the messy sides of the kitchen by providing some hidden space. And often, you wish for a new look of the island, even if you have a small kitchen. That way, here’s small kitchen ideas remodel layout island in step by step:

1. Plan the Island Model Based on Your Preference

The first thing to do in small kitchen ideas remodel layout island in step by step is by planning the model you want. You can browse through the internet to get inspiration for the look of the island that you prefer. On the same time, you also have to look closely on your current island. And then think, what do you want to change from the island you now have.

For the small kitchen, it’s best to have the island with storage function. For example, on the kitchen side you can put some cupboard, and on the outer side, there’s a hollow space to place the stools. Not only that, but you can design the head and foot as makeshift shelves for more storage.

2. Decide Your Budget Limit

Once you get the look of the kitchen apartment you want to pursue, the next step is deciding on how much you’re willing to pay. On this stage, your earlier plan is not final yet. You can still adjust the plan based on your budget limit. To estimate the total cost for the kitchen island remodel, browse for the home décor sites.

3. Design and Layout Your Dream Kitchen Island

When you have the budget limit, execute the small kitchen ideas remodel layout island in step by step with the design. You can sketch your design and layout on a paper. Then, stand on your kitchen and try to picture your dream island stand there. If you can’t get the picture right, then you need to revise your design until you feel it can do with your overall kitchen look.

4. Select the Material

The next step is to choose the material to use for the remodel. If you still can make use the island old material, then use it. That way, you can save some budget. When choosing the material, you should stick on your budget but don’t settle on second best. Because you surely don’t wish for a sloppy kitchen island for your kitchen.

5. Weigh on Hiring a Pro or Go DIY

And last, on small kitchen apartment ideas remodel layout island in step by step is deciding on whether it’s best to hire a professional or DIY. Do the weight of the pros and cons, then decide on one. Even if DIY will cost lower on the paper, but if you don’t have the ability you may waste the material. So, be smart and pick the right choice.

Those above are small kitchen ideas remodel layout island in step by step for you to follow. You can come up with your own way. But this list may give you some pointer on what to do. Also, make sure in remodeling the island will match with your kitchen in a whole. Or it will look bad if you have unmatched island floating in lost at your kitchen.