+39 Simple Bathroom Ideas Small Decoration

Are you bored with your simple bathroom ideas appearance? Want to give a different impression on it but don’t have enough time to do it? It’s okay. You don’t need to totally change your bathroom’s design. You can otherwise give small decoration inside the bathroom. Don’t have any idea? Here it is the bathroom ideas small decoration for you.

1. Don’t Just Let It In White

Most people paint their bathroom in white color. They think white can give tidiness and clean impression on the bathroom. However, it’s not totally true. According to me, white color will make the bathroom’s wall easy to get dirt. And all of us know there are very many reasons why it can happen.

Therefore, you can otherwise use alternative colors. There are some colors appropriate to be seen on the bathrooms, such as grey and vintage color. Grey will give an elegant but simple look on the bathroom. Meanwhile, vintage can make bathrooms looks comfortable.

2. Match The Colors of The Stuff

We have talked about the wall. The next is the bathroom’s equipment. Despite putting random equipment on the bathroom, choose equipment that has monochrome color. Or at least, don’t put flashy colored equipment on it.

If you want to beautify your bathroom’s appearance, consider putting equipment that matches the wall’s color. For example, if your bathroom’s main color is vintage, put equipment with white, black, or brown colors. If you don’t prefer monochrome, you can use green, blue, or pink otherwise.

3. Use Natural Accessories

In fact, having a flower lives on your bathroom is not bad. It can make your bathroom looks even fresher. You can add a flower or some small plant as the bathroom ideas small decoration. However, don’t put a flower with –again and again- flashy colors, like rose or Cambodia. Seriously, you don’t want any striking color at your bathroom. In spite of rose, put jasmine or lily on your bathroom sink.

Besides the bathroom sink, you can also adhere to the walls with a crawling plant. However, make sure it’s not too many. Too much living plant on the bathroom is not good for health. Since it will overcome your oxygen in the night.

4. It’s Okay To Draw On The Walls

The fourth advice about bathroom ideas small decoration: don’t too strict towards your bathroom. Just like other rooms, you can design the bathroom freely. Such as, drawing its wall or putting some stickers.

Yes, it’s okay to give some pictures inside the bathroom. However, make sure you choose suitable pictures. If you have a theme for your bathroom, make sure it doesn’t crash with the picture you adhere to. Some pictures you can put are the flower, animal, and any casual symbol.

5. Make It Thematic

Last but the most important bathroom ideas small decoration hack is the theme. Make a thematic bathroom is the simplest way to décor it. For example, you want a bathroom with spa impression. You can put accessories such as aromatic candle and lily inside it.

Besides its simplicity, planning a theme is the easiest way to think of the appropriate bathroom’s design. You just need to gather up materials related to the theme you choose.

It is all the bathroom ideas small decoration tips I can give to you. Anyway, the most important thing for the bathroom is not its design. But how the design can make its users feel comfortable.