31+ The Basics of DIY Farmhouse Curtains Living Room Design

Curtains living room design are one way to secure someone’s privacy at home. Farmhouse-style homes often use large windows or doors with glass. With the large glass, homeowners must use curtains to keep the house safer and private. The following is the type of fabric and how to easily install a Farmhouse Curtains Living Room.

Choose The Perfect Fabric Type

There are several types of fabric commonly used as curtains. Here is a selection of fabrics that are right for farmhouse-style homes.

1. Plain Fabric

The plain cloth is never wrong. Choose fabrics with sufficient density. Earth-themed colors like chocolate, green, or cream. Adjust the color of the curtain to the wall or decoration. Installing plain cloth as a curtain is very easy because this type of fabric is easy to sew.

2. Patterned Fabric

The pattern on fabric can also enhance the beauty of the room. Choose a striped or plaid fabric with a white or cream base. This pattern gives an accent to the room but not too much.

3. Lace Fabric

Not only classic-style rooms that are suitable for using lace curtain. Farmhouse-style houses can also use this fabric type. Choose a cloth with a little lace so it doesn’t look too much.

Curtain Style

There are several ways to install curtains to make it more attractive and can be done alone at home. Here are three examples.

1. One Layer Traditional Curtains

A small pipe can be used as a handle to hang the curtain. The trick is to put a pipe at the top of the window. Give a distance of a few centimeters from the top of the window so that the room seems higher.

Paint the pipe with a color that matches the curtain, for example, brown like wood. Sew the top of the fabric with a width that bigger than the diameter of the pipe. Then insert the pipe into the cloth’s hole. This method is relatively more efficient and easy to do.

2. Two Row Curtains Style

This style can be regarded as an alternative style if the homeowner is bored with one layer curtain. The trick is to attach two rows of curtain hangers. Then attach the cloth with the same width and material.

Choose a plain fabric with light colors or thin materials. This method can also be used as a solution if you want to use light colored curtains like white or baby pink but still want privacy. This curtain will look aesthetic when hooking to the side. Hook one part of the curtain to the left, and the other to the right.

3. Add Bangs Accents

Another way to beautify the room is to give the bang as an accent on the curtain. Choose two fabrics with matching colors if you want a more varied look. Then choose a deeper color cloth as a bang at the top of the curtain. Bangs can be sewn to the curtain cloth so when opening them there is no part of the curtain that closes the window.

4. Use Several Different Colors

For very large windows, homeowners can use several different colors for one curtain. The trick is to choose several plain fabrics with the appropriate color. Maybe use gradation or monochrome colors. Sew the cloth so that it’s the right size to close the window.

For example, windows measuring 3 meters long and 2 meters high. Choose 3 different fabric colors such as dark gray, gray, and white. Cut each cloth 1 meter long and 2 meters high, then sew on the height. So when the curtain closes there are several colors at once which can be seen adorning large windows.

Farmhouse living room curtains Design can be done easily. No need to pay big fees to get a beautiful living room and in accordance with the theme of the house. With a little creativity and free time, anyone can create a comfortable atmosphere at their farmhouse style home.