20+ What the In-Crowd Won’t Tell You About Home Design Ideas Living Room Open Concept

The living room can be the greatest place at home beside the bedroom. There are lots of activities which people do in this area. Watching television, meet another family member, or talking to a close friend. This is the reason why having a comfortable living room is a must. Here are some decorations and furniture that can people add to home design ideas living room.

1. Sofa

A comfortable sofa does not have to be large. But the most important thing is that this sofa fits the needs of the homeowner. Choose a sofa with medium capacity. It better if can use by 3 people. A soft sofa is great for a living room. Or choose a sofa bed so it has a leg rest like a bed.

Sitting on a comfortable sofa can be a treatment to refresh the body and mind. In order to beautify the room, choose a sofa with neutral colors. For example, beige, broken white, gray, or black.

2. Ottomans

Ottomans function as an additional seat or just a tool to support the feet. Choose ottoman with color and model that fits the sofa. Ottomans can also be made by adding space in it. DIY ottomans can be used to store several important items. For example AC remote, TV remote and other small items.

3. Coffee Table

The coffee table is to put drinks, snacks and some small decorations. Place small cactus pots or leafy plants to add to the coolness of the room. You can also give a decoration like a small statue to increase the aesthetic value of the room.

4. Rug

Carpets and rugs are a secret to enhance the value of beauty and elegance of the room. Choose a simple or plain patterned carpet with fur accents. Pay attention to the size of the carpet.

Do not choose a carpet that is too small. Because it can cause the room out of balance. The carpet at least covers the floor of the room, from the coffee table to the sofa.

5. Curtains

The fifth item for home design ideas living room decor and furniture is curtains. Hang the curtain that matches the color in the room. If it is difficult to determine the objects’ color that matches the room, looks for a color pallet that contains a blend of several colors.

This kind of color selection guide can easily be found on the internet. Curtain hangers must be higher than the window. This technique will make the room feel bigger and higher. So even if it is a small room, it doesn’t feel crowded.

6. Side Table

Side tables can be filled with small lights to read or filled with decorations such as statues and pots. This table can increase the comfort of the room.

Because the people in the room can put important items on the table. Choose a small side table so that it doesn’t fill the room. Place this table next to the sofa.

In addition to the six objects, there are still several other additions to home design ideas living room. For example chair cushions and additional decorations. They are plant pots or flower vases. Adjust the choice of objects in the living room with the color and theme of the room. The goal is to make the living room seems comfortable and elegant.